September 2025 Core Synchronism Level IV


Date: September 19 – 21, 2025. Click to learn more and register.


Date: September 19 – 21, 2025

Times: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day

Cost: The total cost of training is $750 + $35 materials.

Location: Una Vida, Niwot, CO

Refund policy: Until September 19th 2025, you may request a refund of your remaining class registration fee of $600. Your $150 deposit is non-refundable. After September 19th, you may request a refund but we will only grant it if we are able to fill your spot. If extenuating circumstances arise, please contact us

We will send location information and detailed training logistics 4 weeks prior to the training.

Have you ever wondered how core works or wanted to give your loved ones the gift of a Core session? Now is your chance to learn Core I!

About the content of Core Synchronism Level IV:

As our practice of core deepens we continue to feel deeper into the physical and energetic parts that comprise the human being. Core Synchronism level four teaches six additional wave pulse readings. With these we are able to understand elemental imbalance more thoroughly. Correcting these imbalances has a strong stabilizing effect. These corrections also open deeper access to the unconscious field. Level four also teaches how to balance the entire endocrine chain and addresses the need for deeper understanding of what the functional still-point is and why it is the goal of all core treatments.

About Robert Stevens:

Robert Stevens graduated with a degree in religious studies from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana in 1973. In 1974 he graduated from the Shivananda International Institute of Yoga, Bahamas, earning the Teachers Certificate for Hatha Yoga Instruction. In 1974 he also graduated from the National Institute of Reflexology in St. Petersburg, Florida. In 1976 he received a degree as a Chartered Herbalist from the Dominion Herbal College, British Columbia, Canada. From 1973 to 1976 he had a private practice offering stretching techniques, reflexology, herbology, Bach Flowers and yoga.

Robert graduated from the New Mexico School of Therapeutic Massage in April 1976. He received his teaching certification in polarity therapy in 1981 from Dr. Pierre Pannetier, ND. In 1978 he was certified as a colon therapist by Dr. Robert Wood, DC, ND. In 1979 he received a degree as a nutritional counselor from the School of Scientific Nutrition in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He received the Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Brantridge Forest School, Sussex, England in 1981.

Robert became an instructor at NMSNT in 1976 and co-director with Charles Brown in 1977. After Charles retirement he became Director of NMSNT. In addition to being Director of NMSNT he was also a full time member of the teaching staff.

Robert received the Master Herbalist Diploma (Hon.) and the Naturopath Diploma (Hon.) from the School of Natural Medicine, Boulder, Co. and Cambridge, England in May 1998. He graduated from the Ann Wigmore Educational Center San Fidel, New Mexico June 25, 1999 where he completed the Living Food Lifestyle Total Well-Being Education Program.

Robert is the founder of the hand medicine system known as Core Synchronism. He is currently offering Core Synchronism and Core Radionic treatments in northern New Mexico and working on NSMNT’s web offerings.

Event Details

Start date: September 19, 2025

End date: September 21, 2025

Start time: 09:00 MDT

End time: 17:00 MDT

Venue: Old Stage Road, Boulder, Colorado.



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